Wo we are

    The real voyage of discovery does not consist in seeking new lands, but in having new eyes.”

    It all starts with passion, which moves our imagination and leads us to discover new solutions to make the colorful world of motorcycles more complete and original.
    For us, the bike is a journey, a continuous search through which we select for ourselves and for you the best products that reflect the right compromise between the need for security and refined aesthetic sense.


    Riding a bike means being first of all oneself.
    So free to think, to act, to dream, so we offer a wide range of accessories for customizing custom bikes and cafè racer, vintage style clothing aimed at all conscious motorcyclists, who love to protect themselves with style.
    We also offer everything needed for the maintenance and maintenance of your passion.

    foto cafe race

    Cafè Race is born from the choices of simple people: men and women who transform adventure into a daily profession, those who have chosen to test themselves on the road, to pursue their passions to the end and without limits.

    We, passionate motorcyclists, put on the same level adventure, discovery, friendship, and tell all that we discover of this world through our products.

    We are here to share with you advice, perplexities, guarantee you adequate advice and assist you in finding the best solutions.
    Do not count the number of cylinders, whether naked or vintage, if blue or black ... For us the bike has no time, religion or color, but only passion.
    Come and visit us!

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